Oh all right then. Among our all-time top Billie Holiday songs, this one is strangely neglected:

Apart from her voice, intoxicating and intoxicated (surely this is her ode to heroin), note the brilliant noir orchestration— smoochy strings, wind arabesques, languid swaggering brass interlude…

You’re my thrill
You do something to me
You send chills right through me
When I look at you
’cause you’re my thrill

You’re my thrill
How my pulse increases
I just go to pieces
When I look at you
’cause you’re my thrill

Nothing seems to matter
Here’s my heart on a silver platter

Where’s my will?
Why this strange desire
That keeps mounting higher?
When I look at you
I can’t keep still
You’re my thrill…

It was also natural that Chet Baker, not to be outdone in the shooting-up department, should perform the song. Generally his singing has an intensity that matches that of Billie, but for this song I’d always choose her.

8 thoughts on “Billie

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