2 thoughts on “SGL old pantheon detail

  1. Dzi Zang Wang presiding and not not Tai Yi Zhen Ren, who is the Taoist Salvation chief. Interesting to me as it shows that Buddhism has made this serious inroad into Taoist death rituals by replacing DZW with TYZR almost everywhere. And if you control death then what for rebirth?


    • Thanks! Interesting, but it’s quite routine, at least in Hebei and Shanxi, for “Daoists” to hang images of Dizang. More curiously, Taiyi jiuku tianzun is indeed the main deity presiding over funerals, as the Li family funeral texts show, BUT there seem to be very few images of him where I have been. I guess someone may have written about this? I trust you’re consulting my many images from Hebei (e.g. Gaoluo, also “Daoist”) and Shanxi, like Li Peisen’s paintings etc.? So it’s not exactly that Dizang replaced Taiyi… And everywhere in north China (and elsewhere too I think) the mix of D and B is evident in their texts. NB my 2010 and 2016 books (the indexes help). cheers


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