The art of conducting: a roundup

Here’s a little roundup of some of the main posts under the conducting tag so far.

Bernstein features in several posts, notably under Mahler:

and while we’re with Abbado, his rapport in accompanying


This post features Mravinsky as well as Rozhdestvensky and Bernstein:

The contrasting fortunes of Fürtwangler and Schwarz under Nazism:

Pierre Monteux features under

For Celibidache, see

S-S-Simon Rattle (for this rendition of the name, constantly on the t-t-tip of my tongue, see here):

Barbara Hannigan:

Among many others featured under the conducting tag are Boulez, Gardiner, and Salonen (and this story about the latter is one of many drôle items).

But “No [survey of the art of conducting] is Complete Without” this exhilarating clip of a Mexican school band—this conductor, Oxana Thaili, could go far… (for more, click here):

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    The art of conducting: besides Furtwängler, Kleiber, Bernstein, Rozhdestvensky, Rattle, *Oxana Thaili*, and so on, I’ve added links to two exquisite performances with Abbado accompanying Kožená in Mahler and Grimaud in Rachmaninoff


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