Daoism—language—performance. And jokes

60 LMS and me
With Li Manshan, 2001 (photo: Li Jin)

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This site began as an introduction to my work with Li Manshan, his late great father Li Qing, and the amazing household Daoists of Yanggao county in north China.

But it’s clearly going to expand into my usual crazed ramblings on a variety of more-or-less related topics…

Compiled without regard to expense or the feelings of the public—Flann O’Brien

I seem to be discovering a taste for arcane and unlikely links between all manifestations of the Terpsichorean muse. However jocular, such connections seem necessary in these fractured insular times—building bridges, not walls.

With thanks to Michele Banal, Ian Johnson, and Morgan Davies
for dragging me into the 21st century

from the Priory of the Azure Cloud Bottle* within the Belvedere of Tenuous Obscurity, Chiswick
[*Azure Cloud Bottle: Bombay Sapphire—Ed.]