Screenings to date

Geneva (CHIME conference) October 2015
London (SOAS China Institute) December 2015
Cambridge (East Asia Faculty) February 2016
Paris (ANR Shifu project) March 2016
Venice (Cini Foundation/University) April 2016
Beijing (Central Conservatoire and Chinese Academy of Arts) May 2016
Leipzig and Frankfurt (Confucius Institute) May 2016
London (LSE Anthropology Dept) June 2016
Hamburg (Confucius Institute/CHIME) November 2016
Lisbon (Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre/CHIME) May 2017
Paris Nanterre (International Conference on Daoist studies) May 2017
Paris (Centre Mandapa) May 2017

I’m always happy to come and screen the film, do contact me!