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Li Manshan: portrait of a folk Daoist

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A film by Stephen Jones; edited by Michele Banal, with funding from the ANR Shifu project (Paris Nanterre).

80 minutes, in Chinese, with English subtitles.

This intimate portrait film explores the life of eighth-generation household Daoist Li Manshan (b.1946), leader of a group of ritual specialists in the poor countryside of Yanggao county in north Shanxi, China.

Using footage mainly from the period since 2011 but also from as far back as 1987, the film shows both Li Manshan’s funerary practice as leader of his ritual group and his solo activities — determining the date for the burial, decorating coffins, and even his work in the fields. We are led into the vocal liturgy, percussion, and melodic instrumental music of their magnificent funeral rituals, learning how ritual practice has changed since the 1930s — and even since the 1990s, under challenges such as migration, the modern education system, and the competition at funerals from pop music.

This moving portrait of the diverse activities of Li Manshan and his group serving their local community in a rapidly changing rural China will fascinate anthropologists, scholars of Daoism and folk religion, world-music aficionados, and all those interested in Chinese society.

It might also be called

Four funerals and a funeral

DO keep watching after the final credits for the celebrated JOKE!

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And there’s a DVD of the Li band’s concert performances on stage in Venice and Beijing (such exceptional contexts are discussed in ch.18 of my book):

  • 2014 Folk Daoist ritual music of north China, DVD, Intersezioni Musicali/Fondazione Cini