The T-shirt

Just joking.

But talking of T-shirts, here’s a worthy cause:


You can order them here. Go on.

Which reminds me, Radio 3’s Celebrating Women Composers was wonderful—although one supposes the byline

“10 Kickass Women Composers”

may prompt Outraged of Tunbridge Wells to withhold their licence fee…

Also relevant:  my post on International Women’s Day, and  Bridget Christie‘s take on the “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt.

Stop press
At screenings of my film, as if to establish my credentials, I often wear a version of this T-shirt:

As with many of the world’s great religious texts, you can find multiple versions, some more offensive than others.

Daoism always occupies pride of place, however. Yay!

BTW, “Shit happens” seems impossible to translate into Chinese. Any ideas, anyone?