As Western Art Music is known to its friends…

It’s a formulation that seeks to get away from the narrower “classical music” and to avoid privileging it. Of course Western cultures, of any kind, shouldn’t be a benchmark for discussing other societies; indeed, it’s fruitful to integrate them into a “Martian” view of world cultures. These are just some topics that intrigue me all the more since I ceased performing; and I come to it all from a performing, not research, background.

WAM is also a regular topic under MY BLOG, not least Viola jokes and maestro-baiting and Musicking (see also WAM in the sidebar Categories).

Another fun acronym is HIP: “historically informed performance”, relevant to several posts as well as pages here. For China, posts such as those on qin and Recreation are apposite.

A related theme is historical ethnomusicology. See e.g.