As Western Art Music is known to its friends…

It’s a formulation that seeks to get away from the narrower “classical music” and to avoid privileging it. Of course Western cultures, of any kind, shouldn’t be a benchmark for discussing other societies; indeed, it’s fruitful to integrate them into a “Martian” view of world cultures. These are just some topics that intrigue me all the more since I ceased performing; and I come to it all from a performing, not research, background.

WAM is also a regular topic under MY BLOG, not least Viola jokes and maestro-baiting and Musicking (see also WAM in the sidebar Categories).

Another fun acronym is HIP: “historically informed performance”, relevant to several posts on early music, including Bach—and Daoist ritual, and Taruskin. For China, posts such as those on qin (NB John Thompson’s thoughts here) and Recreation are apposite.

A related theme is historical ethnomusicology. See e.g.