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On Chinese ritual and rural life, in stark contrast to the substantial body of silent, immobile written work published, few films are available.

Further to my portrait film on Li Manshan, still for Yanggao county, the DVD Doing things with my 2007 book Ritual and music of north China: shawm bands in Shanxi (Aldershot: Ashgate) provides general background; in two sections, funerals and temple fairs, it shows the diverse performance activities at these events, with the Li family Daoists making cameo appearances.

Two excellent films on Daoist ritual in south China are

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Ethnographic films on the Chinese ethnic minorities are more common, including

Casting our net wider, see

A wealth of unedited, undocumented, video clips appear on various Chinese sites—more on that story later

Beyond China, while you’re watching my film on vimeo, do check out Michele Banal’s other films on that site, and the brilliant series Growing into Music. One of the most impressive documentary series was Rito y geografia del cante, which I use extensively in my series on flamenco. And for a thorough list on visual anthropology, see this site from Barley Norton, including the films of John Baily. For Cuba after the revolution, note the films of Sara Goméz. And on shamanism in Korea, do watch Manshin: ten thousand spirits, discussed here.

In the sidebar, the unwieldy film tag is highly diverse—including some fine documentaries about regional ritual cultures, such as the NavajoSardinia and Morocco; the Yazidis and Kurds.

Further suggestions welcome!