The interview

So this young music scholar goes for an interview at Cardiff University Music Department for the job of junior lecturer.

One of the board asks him, “Would you care to share your thoughts on the late Beethoven quartets with us?”
“Oh yeah, cool”, he replies eagerly. “You gotta love all those riffs on the sax! And their drummer was amazing.”
“I see… And, um…, how about Bartók?”
“Well, you can’t beat the way he works in all that stuff from reggae.”
“Um, thankyou very much… I don’t think we have any more questions…”
“Well in that case, my lovelies,” the candidate goes on, “Maybe we can knock it on the head then—I’ll just be in time to catch the 16.38 to London.”

After he hurries off, the board consults. The chair asks the others,
“So what did we all think, gentlemen?”
“Well I thought he was absolutely splendid—he could be the one! How about you?”
“Hmm, I’m not so sure. There’s something about him that doesn’t seem quite right…”, he frowns. “…You see—there is no 16.38 to London…”

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