This week’s dinner-party

Guests for my fantasy dinner-party this week (Friday to Monday):

Jaroslav Hašek, Stella Gibbons, Flann O’Brien, Harpo Marx, Keith Richards, Viv Albertine, Zoe Williams, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Caitlin Moran, Diane Morgan [far-fetched stage name of Philomena Cunk—Ed.], and Bridget Christie.

Dress optional. 1859 for 1900. That gives them 41 years.

It might be churlish of me to worry that Hašek and Myles might not shine in a large mixed group. But hey, it’s a fantasy.

8 thoughts on “This week’s dinner-party

  1. I think it was a previous mention by you of Viv Albertine that prompted me to send you my article about Roger Eagle. My Facebook friend Kevin Jackson wrote about Proust (connection with Viv?) and Joyce meeting at a dinner party and not really hitting it off.I was once at a party with Nico above the Co-op at Platt Fields in Manchester near Manchester City’s football ground. I did not know she was there until someone told me afterwards. She really missed out there big-time.


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