More on Hebei

Further to my Sects: Hebei page, and remarks in Hebei: new discoveries,

the work of Yin Hubin 尹虎彬 is highly relevant, such as

  • “Hebei minjian biaoyan baojuan yu yishi yujing yanjiu”
    河北民间表演宝卷与仪式语境研究, Minzu wenxue yanjiu 2004.3,

and his 2015 book

  • Hebei minjian Houtu dizhi chongbai 河北民间后土地祇崇拜

This research supplements my outline of the Houtu cult in Part Three of In search of the folk Daoists of north China—illustrated on this blog by pages on the Houshan Daoists and the Houtu scroll.

Another scholar continuing the fine work of Li Shiyu, Pu Wenqi, Ma Xisha and others on sectarian religion is Cao Xinyu 曹新宇.

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