Temperament and savoir-faire

Whenever I surprise myself by somehow getting my head around some arcane (to me) computer technique—like a screenshot, or a widget (What kind of language do you call that, ask the Plain People of Ireland), I recall Alan Bennett’s 1984 diary entry:

1 October, London. I mend a puncture on my bike. I get pleasure out of being able to do simple, practical jobs—mending a fuse, changing a wheel, jump-starting the car—because these are not accomplishments generally associated with a temperament like mine. I tend to put sexual intercourse in this category too.

7 thoughts on “Temperament and savoir-faire

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  2. did I tell you my son went for an audition, opened a door and found himself in a room with seven Alan Bennetts. He was the eighth. They all had fairish hair pulled down in a fringe, glasses and were muttering to themselves in Yorkshire accents. He later got a better part in the same series (The Crown) as a scriptwriter x


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