Zhihua temple group in London!


Following the 2014 performance of the Zhihua temple group at the British Museum, I’m looking forward to their repeat visit this coming Monday! I’ve just added it to the events calendar in the sidebar.

In addition to the haunting shengguan wind ensemble, we’ve now incorporated vocal liturgy as well as percussion items with large cymbals into the programme, to give a flavour of the whole ritual soundscape.

Do try and come along, both to the concert and the chat beforehand. For more on the programme, and a list of sources, see here.

ZHS 1992

The Qujiaying recruits, and me, learning from former monk Benxing, summer 1992.







6 thoughts on “Zhihua temple group in London!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this information; I wouldn’t have known this was taking place if you hadn’t posted about it. It would be great to know about similar events of similar import a bit further in advance so I can share the news with friends. It was a great idea to include vocal repertoire in the performance. Did you obtain any video from the performance that you could share?


    • No videos, but really we’ve already got sooooo much audio and (as you know) video of this group *in concert*. What we always need is video of long rituals! Which you won’t find at Zhihua temple…


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