Some jazz fiddling

Having given a little introduction to some styles of world fiddling (see also fiddles tag), I must confess that I often find jazz violin underwhelming. Country fiddling is amazing, but whereas sax and trumpet are made for jazz, the violin seems to struggle to adapt to the bebop revolution.

Much as I love Nigel Kennedy, I prefer his electronic excursions, where he seems less bound by classical” conventions. His own taste for jazz goes back to his teacher Menuhin’s collaborations with Stephane Grappelli.

But I am totally in awe of Chris Garrick—and I’m pleased to see that Maxim Vengerov is too:

I want to learn to play like Chris Garrick!

Just a taster—but do explore the variety of his soundworld:

Besides pioneers like Joe Venuti and Eddie South, Stuff Smith had a distinctive style:

They were followed by classically-trained fiddlers like Jean-Luc Ponty and Regina Carter.

Further from mainstream post-bebop, east Europe and Turkey, along with their more traditional string bands, also make fruitful breeding-grounds for new styles. The Paganini lookalike Nedim Nalbantoğlu is great—here he is playing acoustic with oud:

And this session at his Paris café:

Here’s Félix Lajkó:

He’s not always as frenetic as this:

Still more of a melting-pot for folk styles is Tcha Limberger:

And pioneers of fiddling in Polish jazz were Zbigniew Seifert and Michel Urbaniak.

How I envy such creativity…

6 thoughts on “Some jazz fiddling

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  4. Thanks Steve. Have heard Chris Garrick live – Pete McMunn (of Water into Wine Band, remember?) and his missus had him to play at their ‘retirement’ party (his mum is a friend and neighbour in Berkhamsted). Then in a Stables concert doing some of those Grappelli/Menuhin arrangements with a ‘straight’ violinist (appropriately). Fine fiddling, as you say…

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  6. ‘Felix Lajkó and his band’s first piece: Unusual: Percussive rhythm on the fiddle, and Lajko whistling a delightful tune!!!
    Great find!
    All of it!


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