Subtle revenge

Prague opera

Another Strange But True story from my mentor Paul Kratochvil, again bearing on the surreal Czech imagination:

In the early 1960s two players in the Prague opera orchestra were locked in a vendetta. Between performances the band used to leave their concert uniform in the green room. Every couple of weeks, one of them, coming in early and unobserved armed with needle and thread, meticulously took up the cuffs of his adversary’s concert trousers by a tiny bit.

See also Czech stories: a roundup.

Such subtle revenge has now been exacted at the White House:

White House desk

As Jonathan Jones observes in the Grauniad:

It’s a retired person’s table, a desk for TV dinners. This is Trump gradually giving up the pretence he runs a vast country and instead settling into a more leisured life. Like his furniture, he is diminishing before our eyes.

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