Proms of yore: the Bach double

As the Proms are under way, how wonderful to have been part of this concert in 2004, with Rachel Podger and Andrew Manze, the yin and yang of baroque violin:

It’s a piece that has constantly been rediscovered by audiences over my lifetime. For my generation, brought up on Oistrakh and Menuhin (1958—canonical then, now sounding so joyless as to be hard to take), more recent HIP renditions, no less heartfelt, have given it a new lease of life.

I knew Menuhin’s jazz duets with Grappelli, but not the latter’s 1937 Paris recording of the Bach with Eddie South—accompanied by Django Reinhardt! Alas, it’s just the first movement:

For more on reception history, see my posts on a Haydn trio, Rachmaninoff—and of course Bach Passions (here and here).

5 thoughts on “Proms of yore: the Bach double

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