It’s great to find “the first ramen western” Tampopo (Juzo itami, 1985) on YouTube:

One of the all-time great genre-defying films, it’s a profound, exuberant, nuanced meditation on food, sex, dedication, and life, with a succession of wonderful personalities led by truckdriver Gorō as he helps widowed Tampopo to perfect the noodles (“sincere, but lacking in character”) that she serves in her struggling little restaurant.

Every single scene is beautifully crafted, but vignettes include

  • the French restaurant scene (I, from 19.22)
  • an etiquette class for women on how to eat spaghetti properly (I, from 23.52).
  • the hobo scene (shades of Steinbeck’s Tortilla flat and Sweet Thursday, and indeed Hanshan), moving from veneration of the master to slapstick (I, from 40.30), and sequeing into
  • the most erotic scene ever (from 48.03, sequel to the scene from 27.24). Breaking an egg (and for that matter, the Mahler Adagietto—throughout, the choice of music is brilliant) will never be the same again.


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