An enigmatic slump


Further to reflections on my, um, global audience, I’m not sure how to interpret this graph of my plummeting viewing stats this last week. It’s not even as if you have to read my posts—just clicking on them would show up on the table.

It could be that you have gone on an early holiday to a remote exotic location blessedly free of internet access—perhaps all of you together (a ridiculously niche 18–30 Club).

Maybe, like me, you are all hooked on the Women’s World Cup and binge-watching Killing Eve.

Or perhaps you have forsworn the internet entirely, exasperated by the relentless online bombardment of evasive mendacious buffoons jockeying to Destroy Civilisation As We Know It.

Or it could just be that you are tired of reading about Daoist ritual, the evolution of comedy, the Western craze for Eastern mysticism, and reception history… It will be ironic if more people read this post than those.

Just curious.

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