Keeping you guessing

I’ve found the last few weeks most fruitful—I hope you’re as stimulated as I am by this range of topics. Here’s a reminder of some recent posts.

Below I group them under themes, but in real time I also keep the reader [singular, eh? Mrs Ivy Trellis I presume—Ed.] guessing by purposefully alternating them, with frequent cross-links—the old “delighting in all manifestation of the Terpichorean muse“. Do click away: 

On war, trauma, and memory:

Not forgetting China:

and more… Some of my favourites from the archive, both serious and jocular, are grouped here, with a more succinct list here.

2 thoughts on “Keeping you guessing

  1. do you like “Bridge of Birds”? Is there any truth to Hughart’s claim that Taoist fiction is a counter-discourse against authoritarian Confucian ideas?
    If so – that is so cool! What are the original sources one can read in English that Hughart is drawing from?
    If not — too bad!


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