The wonders of auto-translation

I’m sure many authors have seen their finely-crafted prose befall a similar fate, but a crazy garbled version of the vimeo blurb for my film that I found online, if not entirely accurate, is very funny.

Apart from dubbing my fine editor “Michele trivial”, gems include

This movie intimate portrait explores the lifetime of the eighth technology Taoist Li Manshan (b.1946) household, chief of a gaggle of formality specialists within the poor countryside of Yanggao County.

Nor does the title of my book get off lightly:

Daoist monks of formality Li household, life within the village of China.

I always try to pen a compelling blurb, but I have been outshone here. I can’t wait to see the gaggle of formality specialists in Paris in May.

2 thoughts on “The wonders of auto-translation

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