The art of blurb writing

Cover 18 (back)

Some obligatory phrases from book blurbs, curiously absent from most tomes on Daoist ethnography:

  • cuts a picaresque swathe
  • madcap adventures
  • with hilarious consequences!!!
  • embarking upon a voyage of discovery
  • emotional rollercoaster
  • searing exposé
  • unflinching
  • feisty
  • filigree
  • vast, sprawling epic.

Happily, such clichés have been Laid Bare (oops, there’s another one) in several articles, such as this. And Molvania is jam-packed (packed like jam) with ’em. Not forgetting the ultimate homage to the language of the travelogue, Away from it all.

For further dubious marketing, click here; and for a series on cliché, start here. See also my blurb for Ogonek and Til.

3 thoughts on “The art of blurb writing

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