Textual scholarship, OMG

One often finds oneself consulting quoteinvestigor.com. Doesn’t one.

Like “Meretricious and a Happy New Year”, or “She ran the gamut of emotions from A to B”. This is the kind of meticulous historical work that one expects from the scholarship of Daoist ritual texts.

“OMG” isn’t there, but appears to date from at least 1917 (OMG!)—recalling the brilliant Armstrong and Miller sketches:

And that’s kinda like a commentary on what we do when we listen to Bach (qv): we can’t help hearing the cadences of our own experience of life in the scenarios of the past. And shit like that. Innit though.

In the Bach Passions, textspeak could generally work for the choral crowd scenes, but actually “Erbarme dich, OMG” fits worryingly well too:



He has risen from the dead, YAY!”

YAY being a more economical version of Hallelujah…

Maybe I’m onto something. Let’s hope not.

15 thoughts on “Textual scholarship, OMG

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