Talking of Chinese versions of foreign names, I like

  • Andeli Poliwen 安德利珀利文: André Previn
  • Qielibidaqi 切利比達奇 Celibidache
  • Futewan’gele 福特萬格勒 Furtwängler
  • Laweier 拉威尔: Ravel
  • Chake Beili 查克贝里 (pronounced Charcur Bailey): Chuck Berry
  • Ao Shaliwen (Ao as in “Ow!”) 奥沙利文: O’Sullivan
  • Fuluoyide 弗洛伊德 is a generous expansion of Freud into four syllables.

I also like

Not to mention the Chinese transliteration of the word toothbrush:

  • tuzibulashi—“rabbits don’t shit”, which inspired me to this fine headline.

For my Chinese name, and that of Beethoven, see here.

14 thoughts on “Transliteration

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