An eye test


Trinity street, 1902—believe it or not, somewhat before my time.

True story:

Soon after arriving at Cambridge, I realized I was becoming rather short-sighted. Sallying forth to Trinity Street, I absent-mindedly entered the Natural Sciences bookshop, and declared to the assistant,

“Good afternoon—I think I need an eye test!”

“You do indeed, sir,” she replied patiently, “the optician’s is next door.”

For a fine Czech–Chinese spectacles story from my mentor Paul at Cambridge, click here.


Via Twitter.

Update, 25th May 2020, in light of the Barnard Castle imbroglio
Strangely enough, that day the optician didn’t suggest I go for a drive—even though, this being Cambridge, there was a fleet of Trabis available for this very purpose.


After Classic Dom’s revelations, a deluge of spoof reviews on the Trip Advisor site was soon quashed. See also What I can tell you is this...


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