Dialect: Yangpu and Lunpu


County gazetteers are often a useful source for local dialect. Source: Yanggao xianzhi 阳高县志 (1993).

On behalf of “cultured” outsiders (see this joke), the Li family Daoists sometimes make an effort to speak the Yanggao version of putonghua Standard Chinese, whose acronym is Yangpu. It doesn’t bear much more resemblance to the standard language than my own crap Chinese—which by the same process I call Lunpu, short for Lundun putonghua (London Standard Chinese). When meeting Confucius Institutes, I boldly seek to upgrade this to Lunyu, “The Confucian Analects”. Hey ho.

For the secret language of blind shawm players around Yanggao, see here.

8 thoughts on “Dialect: Yangpu and Lunpu

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